Anthony Manoj Kumar​

ISC Head - Batch 1982 - 1985

I was an old student of Avila, I studied form LKG to 2nd Std and due to regulation we boys were asked to search for another school. I studied from 1982 to 1985 where Sr Nives was my class teacher and Sr Osia was my principal. We were from a poor family, I have 3 elder sisters, and we all studied in Avila.

I would proudly say that it is only because of Avila I am working for a group of State Bank of India in a respectful position. Avila was the base which taught me discipline & sincerity. Avila is the best for producing quality students with high communication skills.

Karthiga Ragupathy

Tata Consultancy Services - Batch 1985 - 1999

"Love, Truth, Service" - These are the words that every Avilite would grow up with and so did I.

My 14-year- long schooling at Avila Convent has been the most enjoyable time so far. My school opened up great many avenues for me to explore and I believe I did explore a few of them.

Never did I hesitate to take part in any event; be it extra-curricular or co-curricular (of course, sports have never been my forte). There was no worry of missing classes or falling behind the rest of the class.

The teachers who tutored me and even those who did not, were very encouraging and have played a role in the forming years of my life. When I think of Avila, the first thing that comes to my mind is the welcoming portico with the statue of St. Teresa, our patron. When someone praises my good manners, I thankfully remember the lectures of my Tamil teacher Late. Mrs. Rajalakshmi.

The mental strength, conviction and humility that I exhibit are collective of what I imbibed from many of my teachers. This keeps me going and helps me get back into action even after I have had a fall.

My school taught me how to pray, be thankful for what I have and to never lose faith.I am grateful to my teachers and school for my decent vernacular and communication skills. I would be lost without these in the IT industry that I am part of . My Principals Sr Osia and Sr.Partick, noticed my talents and gave me every opportunity to excel. I am grateful to their prayers and of Sr. Naveena, Sr. Atma, Sr. Mariella, Sr. Soona.

Dhivya Loganathan


Avila has been my home away from home for the 14 years I studied there as well as the many years I have been away. As I reminiscence my childhood, I am very thankful to my parents for making the decision to send me to this great school and to all my teachers over the years for giving me a valuable foundation in life. Avila has taught me to approach every situation in life with kindness, strength and integrity. I have built strong friendships and carry a lot of wonderful memories from my 14 years in Avila.

I am especially thankful to Ms.Philomena Manohar during my days as a Girl Guide for teaching me the importance of time management, organisational skills and the thrill of seeking adventures.

Everywhere I go, every adventure I seek, I hold Avila in my thoughts and I am very grateful for the years I spent in this lovely institution.

Amutha Giridhar


Avila made me what I am today.

Avila laid the foundation. It gave me knowledge of life. It built inside me (or) in other words moulded me as a good citizen. They not only teach students the subjects like maths, science, english language but also the morals in life. I salute my teachers and school all my life.

I passed out in 1987. Then I did my Under graduation (M.B.B.S) in P.S.G Institutes of Medical Sciences and Post graduation in Kasturba Medial College, Manipal.

At present, I am the Head of the Gynaecology Department at G.K.N.M Hospital, Coimbatore.

My bes wishes for all Avilities. Regards to the Management & Faculty members.

Mrs. S. Anuradha

Faculty in Communicative English Nirmala College for Women - First batch Avila Alumnus

It is with a deep sense of nostalgia that I revive my fond memories and association with my Alma Mater . True to its motto ‘ Love Truth and Service , Avila has strived to impart not only knowledge of a superior level but also mould the personality of students keeping in mind the larger interests of the society and nation . It is a proud moment as a first batch alumnus to reminisce my loving and intimate memories of the formative years spent in the school- a beautiful association I recall with justifiable pride.

I began my academic journey at Avila in 1968 as a student of Std V one among the five students of the class- 4girls and 1 boy- trained with meticulous attention by our Principal Sr Osia who was our class teacher too. Her name is synonymous with discipline, ethics , morals , love compassion and understanding and it is with love and pride that I acknowledge Sister Osia as my mentor, guide and philosopher.

When Avila was taking its baby steps the management left no stone unturned to ensure that we develop an integrated personality . The grandeur and splendour of the imposing infrastructure which I find today at Avila was not a part of my learning process. But the joy of learning and sharing was deeply embedded in the system of education. The carefree , innocent joy and laughter of the students, the vibrant activities of the classroom and the playground, the love, care and concern of the dedicated faculty was the Avila I always fondly remember and cherish.

As an English Professor today , I owe my gratitude to Mother Leo for training me in the nuances of grammar and English language. It was a treat to listen to Mother Leo speaking in impeccable English with a rhythmic expression leaving us spellbound. If grammar and linguistic skill has become an integral part of my life it is because of the love and passion with which Mother Leo imparted the Knowledge to us. Mathematics was my most dreaded subject. But I never knew that even such a dreaded subject can turn into a comfort zone until Miss Prema walked into the class. The patience she exhibited to teach the subject was astounding. Imagine that even the dullest student like me could pass in flying colours, what tremendous effort she would have taken to impart that most sought after skill. Physics became enjoyable with Mrs. Alphonsa and Chemistry took lovely shapes and colours with Sr. Savio. Social Studies gained attraction with Sr. Osia and Tamil came close to my heart with Mrs . Meenakshi.Love for music and fine arts I inculcated from my Principal Sr. Joshua who also lit the lamp of knowledge for us as we took our seats for the Matriculation Examination.

I owe my immense gratitude to Sr. Incarnata, Sr. Aathma, Sr. Canute, Sr. Mariala, Sr. Mari, Mrs Brigit, Sr. Heraclia Mrs. Laksmikantam, Mrs. Ramathilakam, Mrs . Geetha Sr. Cyrus and many others who shaped my character and held my hands lovingly in my academic journey at Avila. A special note of gratitude to Miss Ponnamma our administrative staff who always played the Good Samaritan throughout my school days.

The foundation for my life and career was laid very strongly by my parents and my Alma Mater. Excelling in Academics gives people joy and pride but I firmly believe that being a fine human being is all that matters to succeed in the trials and tribulations of life . I was firmly grounded in this spiritual training that Avila imparted to me which helped me guide my own students at college . I stand blessed and fortunate for having spent my formative years in such an institution and Wish and pray that the Almighty will steer the school to greater heights and glory.

With love and best wishes Anuradha

Mrs . S. Anuradha MA. MPhil. M. Sc ( Counselling & Psychotherapy)
Associate Professor & Former HOD of English
Nirmala College for women Coimbatore- 641018

Present Assignment: Faculty in Communicative English
Nirmala College for Women

Dr.B.Lakshmi Shanthi

MEDICAL OFFICER in Coimbatore Municipal Corporation 1981-1993


Looking into my glasses (literally&figuratively) that life has gifted me at 40, I realize I am in the midst of a midlife crisis. Life has come a half circle with ups and downs but the lovely memories of school life at Avila remains evergreen in my heart. I would not be going overboard when I say I lived the happiest part of my life there from 1981-1993.

I would strongly vouch for the school uniform as way back in those days it was the smartest and the most refined and elegant in the city. I have wonderful memories of all the teachers and our beloved Sister Osia who was the Principal then. Though all of them are etched in my memory my favourite was Rajalakshmi Miss who used to teach Tamil.

Another important milestone of my school life was the blossoming of the most treasured friendship with Anitha. We still remain the same Avilites who can talk for hours together every day on anything and everything. I am forever indebted to my school for gifting me with such a soul mate.

We were six of us from the batch of 93 that joined medical school and each one of us have been successful in our professional and personal lives that stands testimony to our great almamater which shaped us in the true sense of the word.

Looking back I would strongly and honestly say I have been a successful product of Avila like many others who excel in their respective fields. Among the various qualities my teachers have inculcated in me I would like to highlight the following:

  • Courage to stand up for a cause
  • Self confidence and to face the public boldly
  • Discipline
  • Command over English
  • Inclination to serve the community
  • Natural bonhomie and Camaraderie

Above all these attributes the charisma that is so very characteristic of any Avilite is the best thing I imbibed over the years at Avila. My profile always begins with my school credentials and I believe AVILA has made me what I am today.

At this juncture I would like to thank my almamater and all my teachers and friends who have been a part of this wonderful journey. ‘’PROUD TO BE AN AVILITE ALWAYS’’.

Scholastic achievements:

Graduated from AVILA CONVENT in 1993, was School topper in HSC Examination.

Did MBBS & DCH from Coimbatore Medical College.

Successfully completed PG Diploma in Adolescent Pediatrics from Kerala University.

Professional Credentials:
Active member of IAP, Coimbatore chapter&was a past Treasurer (2014-16).

Actively involved in conducting programs related to Adolescent issues in Schools&Colleges.

Actively engaged in Breastfeeding campaign of IAP, Coimbatore chapter.

Was part of the Organizing Committee of KONGU PEDICON,2017.

Working as a MEDICAL OFFICER in Coimbatore Municipal Corporation.

Also has a private practice in Pediatrics.

Sai Pallavi

Cine Artist 2011

My alma mater has educated me to fight my battles in an unprecedented way that has helped me grow as a person. They have been supportive of my extra curriculars from the very beginning, nurtured my interest and let me pursue my dreams. They helped me balance my studies and other interests. I’m forever indebted to my teachers and the institution.

Asha Suresh

Professional - 1993

Love ever after....

O Lord! Take our love and let it flow in

fullness of devotion to Thee

O Lord ! Take our mind & thoughts and let them be in tune with Thee

O Lord ! Take our souls and let them be

merged in one with Thee

O Lord ! Take our everything and let us be worthy instruments of Thee...

Your loving children

Avila Convent Matriculation HIgher Secondary School, Coimbatore

50 Glorious Years of nurturing the Nation’s future(1967-2017) of Our Prestigious Institution was celebrated in Jan 2017 and it was the preludes of these grandeur celebrations that was the key-enabler to bring back all our Alumni batches of Avila to walk in together as - Daughters of Avila.

The portals of my school emits it’s massive campus, compassionate teachers and disciplined Principal & irrigates our memories far and wide & rejuvenates us to reassure & stay inspired for having passed out from one of the Best institutions of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Yes, we emerged like lotus flowers, distinct and devoid of all surroundings and stood tall and confident as young women in our society and this Universe, imbibing our value system and ingraining cultures, emitting our life skills and education for living, and continue to excel, representing our Alma matar - Avila Convent.

This journey of shaping our mind, body and soul has been an impeccable one as our School management, ever loving teachers and non teaching staffs along with the parent community and Coimbatorians have always walked the talk to make our future embrace the changes in order to strive incessantly to a bright future and pass on the lamp of light of education to our future generations to the best of capacity.

The School ecosystem of Avila Convent dwelled on the pillars of Excellence in Education and also holistic development of every single child. The school motto of Love, Truth and Service keeps spreading its footsteps where ever we spread in the universe and thus walking the talk in the journey of our lives.

As a student of Avila, we were blessed to be infused with importance of discipline, value of prayer, group singing, community services, and also excel in our Education standards. As a sports enthusiast I was provided with ample opportunities to unleash my raw talent and trained to focus on goals and achieve them with rigorous training and performances and slowly and steadily transformed us to become life time achiever’s.

My very 1st stint on public speaking evolved from the portals of this esteemed institution, creating horizons of golden opportunities, scaled up my professional world as a public speaker, corporate trainer, motivational speaker, teacher trainer, at various B schools and corporate organisations and NGO’s across India, including business schools like IIM - Kozhikode, IMT campuses and corporate giants like Deloitte, to mention a few.

When I walk down my memory lane of over 2 decades of corporate excellence, I am humbled to share with pride that Avila has been there in every single milestone of my career and living.

Working in corporates like CITI Bank, Air cel, Xerox, I have optimised every single opportunity that has come my way and stood out, from a team player to a leader, grew up in these organisations much ahead of my colleagues and I attribute this growth and Excellency, to the inquisitive approach to learning and an attitude of openness to excel and inspire. These are the today the trade mark of every Avilite.

This institution has provided us roots to wings and wings to fly and we are extremely proud to be an Avilate.

As I surmount the journey of an educationalist, a nation builder heading an educational project that excels in providing Integral education to 200 schools across India, inspiring future generations, I promise to keep up the standards of my Alma matar floating high in the sky and work seamlessly towards creating Generals for this Nation & strive hard to make this Universe a better place to stay and live happily, ever after...

Spreading the Joy of Love... Daughter of Avila... Jai Hind.

Aparna Karthikeyan

Trustee, Blue mount Charities - 1993

A regular kid with a flair for English and a myriad of interests in cultural activities from pencil sketching, rangoli drawing, classical dance, a budding drummer as part of the school band, a Girl Guide with an adventurous spirit who loved trekking and a late bloomer academically who went on to score a centum in Commerce, my life at Avila was more of that of a Jill of all trades and a Master of none. I went on to do my post graduation in MBA with flying colours. For twenty years after my university, I happily sacrificed my dreams of having a work life and I poured my heart into bringing up my three wonderful daughters. Little did I realise that the opportunities to dabble in so many fields of interest and the constant support of my teachers helped me to enhance the different aspects of my personality. That and my passion towards my children’s education and their holistic development, is the perfect combination for my role today.

In 2018 I was presented with the enormous responsibility of nurturing the more than six hundred strong young minds at Thambu Nursery and Primary School, Coimbatore. Today, loving what I do , displaying integrity and being of service to the greater good of mankind, my life has come a full circle as I carry on Avila’s motto of Love, Truth and Service unwavering in my heart.

Aparna Karthikeyan
Thambu Nursery and Primary School
Trustee, Bluemount Charities


Post doctoral fellow, IITM , Professor - 1993

I Joined Avila Convent right in my first standard, and was molded up till my twelthstandardin this marvelous sheath. I still remember my crying days in my first standard, the days I wore monkey cap in my mathematic classes of 8th standard, the parents-teachers meetings, standing on thedesks(many a times), in many of the classes.

Yet other recalling events were walkingin the campus holding my mummy’s arms during my tender classes (when she comes to drop me or during lunch time) .I still remember my first opening batsman day of my first standard (Inaugurated by my Cousin Brother and mummy… waiting on the benches in the front yard of the school to take me home in the noon, with me crying aloud)

I still recollect my ever memorable basket ball court, where we were key players. The dances and dramas we performed on various occasions that built out skills. Whatever Iam today is what Avila had made me out. Childhood days are our roots, and if not properly routed will not ripe in to best fruits. Had a lovely, beautiful and remarkable childhood… and schooling at Avila,… for which I shall thank God, My Mother, Principals of Avila during my period of stay, all teachers who have taught me and molded me at Avila, as well as the non-teaching staff’s. Avila has a great roleinbuilding my character, to a responsible individual.The Esteemed School has given me a platform to develop my leadershipand communication skills. Avila takes its place in moulding a good, reasonably talented andmatured individual. It has routed in me remarkable societal skills. I still do a lot to the development of the society. The values that I learned at school have created in me a good citizenship(thispertains to my judgments). It has developed in me a sense of discrimination (to distinguish between good and bad in all circumstances of life). The urge to learn higher is what I developed at Avila. Right from the days of schooling, my urge was to get highly qualified, and be at a high position. This goal was created in my minds during my school days. And I have attained it in life. My school imbibed in me a discipline; to balance life at all times (good and bitter).School days gave an opportunity to grew good friendship.

And we the 93 passed out alumina’s are very active in getting together, helping society as well as helping each other at times of need, and sharing life experiences.Even for the jubilee celebrations, our batch contributed earnestly at a higher level. This platform was created to us in our school days,that eventoday (after many years ... say 25 years), we celebrate our oneness and unity. We have confidence to do anything and everything in life by working as a team. The Schoolcreated in us a strongteamSpirit, friendship and understanding ability,which shall last in our bloodsforever.

Last but not the least,” What Iam today” – I owe completely to my school. I have grown up in to a spiritually inclined, disciplined, and successful individual in all walks of life…

Thanks a lot for the wonderful Schooling I had……


Ph.D. Post doctoral fellow,IIT, Professor,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,
Coimbatore -641112


Counselling Psychology - 2007-2012

1. I'm truly blessed to study in this school and thankful for my father who got me the application and was very happy to get through in Entrance Exam. Beautiful memories were we went to kindergarden to collect books and labels. Starting from the prayer song which has beautiful lyrics which always melt me to God and speech of principal sister everyday comforted me like my mother. School Anthem was my favourite which always gives me goosebumps.

2. My happiest schooling started from there which brought out me with so much of discipline, confidence, love and service. Teachers and Sisters were very supportive to my studies and helped in my hard times. No discrimination for higher and lower grade students which still inspires me when hearing other school methods. During Report card days always my teachers gave good remarks to my parents and gave confidence to them for improving me which I'm very thankful and blessed to get teachers like them to support and respect my parents during my difficult grade levels. Special class and cycle tests during exams was really helpful were teachers took time to revise our portions and making us to practice important answers.

3. School has never pressured or forced for the marks in examinations and they gave quality teaching and learning space for the students to understand and take care of their studies and marks. And this may be the reason why AVILA was always special to me and my foundation done right. I had no list of best teachers and others. As I saw everyone gave their best and learning was clear and fun were I had no reason to avoid classes or school. The extra class of Arts and crafts. Which brought up my interest and hobbies.

4. Ambience of the school always had some positivity, the green trees, chirping of birds, chapel, park, beautiful statues, wooden benches, canteen trees, colorful kindergarden and the vast auditorium and that was the best place to learn and grasp things in better way.

5. Music Class back of the auditorium room taught me different types of songs in different languages. Happy to be in Social Service committee which still inspires me to love and support the needy people by visiting homes and rendering selfless service.

6. Yoga&meditation period one of the relaxing last hours of school which opened up my spirit and helped me to assess my physical health and kept away from all illness.

7. Sports where I got to know my favourite sport which was Throw ball and started to participate in school events.

8. The proud Band of Avila school one of my unforgettable beats and once had the chance to participate with them in the district competition by holding the name flag, were I was taught about the sincerity, practice, success and hard work.

9. Election times in school just surprised me were the campaigning was just like the real ones were the slogans and promises and achievements of the nominated member helps us to choose the right person to lead the campus. Voting day with such a calm, disciplined way and the result announcement, oath taking just comes around my mind. Really proud of the management who organized and helped us to choose the right members to guide and serve us.

10. All the celebrations and feast days comes with the history about that special day with the meaningful speeches, dramas and songs. Were also gave the glimpse of organizing such celebrations. Starting with the prayer song and ending with the vote of thanks. Taught me about planning, punctuality and respecting the audience.

11. Avila boarding helped me to balance my life with time keeping, discipline, cleanliness and also giving respect to everyone. Where I was molded with all good qualities and holy spirits. Which also taught me about importance of family and parents struggle.

12. Hostel days and Feast days brought out my acting skills and also took away my stage fear through skits and dance. Special rosary given to me on the first day of hostel was my strength till the end and prayers covered my full faith. Blessings from sister often protected and guided me to difficult paths and given me courage.

13. Though the hostel food was not tasty but now after learning to cook I remember how healthy and balanced limited diet it was. They took utmost care during sick days and those medicinal khashayams though it tasted bitter but kept away from the illness. "Chechi"like our mother protected and helped us in hostel times.

14. Friends I earned then in school and hostel becomes my family now.

15. Chapel of Avila had seen both my happiness and sorrows. Were I believed "With God by our side, everything is possible.” Thought for the days was thoughts for my life and kept away my homesickness.

16. I’m ever thankful to my warden Sr.Joslin who corrected my wrong paths in a best, calm way more than a mother, very patiently and I still remember sitting in her room and how she taught me about the life’s good and bad paths and how to overcome it. Those are the turning points in my life were now my life would be totally different without sister by my side. Also the way she promised my mother not to worry and she respected them with unconditional positive regard though their daughter was wrong. Thank you so much sister and im very lucky and blessed to be with you. Wish to meet you soon with my family for her blessings.

17. The best part in Avila boarding is living along with blessed sisters and getting their wishes, blessings and prayers which were very effective and powerful. Most of my evening walks before prayer will have beautiful, happy talks from some sisters which kept away from my homesickness and felt like a family and Christmas times will be the most fun and happy days with them. The way they enjoyed and cheered for our skits and dances inside the convent were I would cherish forever.

18. And so my boarding life was so much happier, cheerful and fun-loving days with lot of learnings, had space to groom my character, sharing love, care and beautiful memories. Also had chance to learn Malayalam and the play hours were beautiful times. I feel this how the boarding should be for the better development of the student rather to always have tight study schedules and avoiding all extra-curricular activities were im blessed to get it all balanced from my AVILA boarding.

19. Sajeena miss was my class teacher in my 11th for Arts with computer science batch who made me Class Leader on the first day was one of my unforgettable leadership responsibility which even helps me now in my personal and professional life. Ever I'm thankful to ma'am for believing in me and thankful to all my teachers who guided me throughout.

20. The knowledge I gained through this school journey was unlimited and enormous and creative, instilled my learning without fear and made my schooling one of the happiest and blessed part of my life along with my good qualities, values and better grades. Like Oprah Winfrey said “For every one of us that succeeds, it's because there's somebody there to show you the way out. The light doesn't always necessarily have to be in your family, for me it was teachers and school."

For me AVILA was the best foundation to my beautiful life and still guiding me for the betterment of future and also I'm ever thankful to the management and sisters. AVILA CONVENT MATRIC. HR. SEC. SCHOOL -As my 12th standard memento still guides me to Be SELF RELIANT, SELFLESS, SENSIBLE, SINCERE, SPIRITED In Service to Self and Society.

Thank you so much for this blessed opportunity to pen down my Alma mater which I'm ever blessed and thankful.

Thanking you,
Ever your sincere student,

Dr Anila Mathews

MBBS, MD,FAIMER fellow Professor and HOD - 1993

I am lucky to have studied in one of the best schools in Coimbatore – Avila convent. It was indeed my second home. I remember how SrNives , my first standard class teacher used to take care of us , me and my brother who was studying in LKG at Avila. I am what I am purely by the grace of God , my dear parents and my most revered teachers . The school shaped me into what I am today. The school not only lays stress on education , but also caters to the allaround development of a child. There used to be different Arts and cultural competitions, different clubs like science, maths literary association etc. I also had the privilege to be part of the school band at that time. It was not always studies. We also celebrated different festivals like Diwali, OnamChristmas ,etc. We used to have the Pookolam andRangoli competitions etc to imbibe in us the importance of living in harmony among all people, helping us understand the different cultural backgrounds and we were all very eager to take part in it.

The school thus paved a way for all around development of each one of us, I can now proudly say my school has molded me in such a way that I am now capable of facing any difficulties that come my way. You learn to be independent, , you grow in maturity and you learn to be self sufficient. Not just that , you also learn to help others, be truthful and loving as the Motto of Avila “ Love , Truth and service” . The school has also instilled in us a love for nature. I still love to be in the school grounds, under those trees where I still remember our classes under the trees. We used to enjoy them a lot .

The school has also imbibed in us few other qualities , they include self discipline, confidence and hardwork.

I would like to quote Dr APJ Abdul Kalam,” Confidence and Hardwork is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you a successful person” The qualities of discipline and hardworking nature that was planted in us as a small seed has now grown into a fruit bearing tree. I graduated from Government Medical College, Trivandrum and now I am working as professor and Head at one of the Government medical Colleges in Kerala.

I would like to quote Benjamin Franklin “ An investment in Education pays the best interest”. I believe my parents admitted me in Avila as they knew that investing in education is the best and where to have the best schooling . Studying at Avila also helped me to develop a passion for learning. As Anthony JD Angelo said” Develop a passion for learning , if you do , you will never cease to grow.” I had the best of teachers during my time . A good teacher inspires hope, ignite imagination and instill a love for learning “ said Brad Henry. Few of my inspiring teachers at school were Sr.Shalini, Mrs.Muthulatha, Miss.Nagalakshmi my English teachers , Mrs.Vigiyam my Chemistry teacher , Late MrsClara , MrsGeetha G.K, and MrsBhamamy Maths teachers , Mrs Suma , my Physics teacher , Mrs Helen my Hindi teacher , MrsBrijit my games teacher, Mrs Philomena , Sr Nives my first grade class teacher ,Mrs Pearly my UKG class teacher, and many more and I consider it the greatest blessing to have had very good teachers and very strict but loving Principal SrOsia and Sr .Patrick during my school life. I owe my success to them. I also belong to a batch which had the opportunity to celebrate the school silver jubilee as a class XI student and I could also be part of it during is Golden jubilee celebration as a parent as my daughter studies in Avila . She is also blessed with my many good teachers. The grades that she achieved is all because of the good , caring and sincere teachers she had in her Class X, MrsJacklin Joel her social teacher, MrsClarabindhu her biology teacher, Mrs Karen Juliet her physics teacher, Miss Sophia her chemistry and class teacher, MrsUsha , her maths Teacher and MrsMahalakshmi as her tamil teacher and many more. I am grateful to all of them for all the time, energy and the care they showed to all the students studying there. I am indeed a proud parent too.

My seniors and bosses at my work place don’t hesitate to give me any responsibilities as they know i will promptly and aptly finish my job that is entrusted to me, even though I am the youngest of all the Professors and HOD. These qualities of sincerity ,responsibility, , leadership qualities and the quality to work as part of a team are all because of the good schooling I had . SrOsia used to call us “ Daughters of Avila,” we are indeed daughters of this great school. I am still learning , I still have lots to achieve , have lots to do and have miles to go.

Let me conclude by quoting few lines from one of my favorite Poems

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening “ by Robert Frost

“The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep ,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep”

Thank you dear Teachers for all that you have done for us.

Thank you Avila
Dr Anila Mathews MBBS, MD
Professor and HOD
Government Medical College


Student - 2017

AVILA… a 5 lettered word that enfolds within it, a thousand memories.Nostalgia enwraps me as I push myself to gush out all my emotions onto the paper, reliving the bygone era once again- cherishing those wonderful days, laughing out loud at those pranks, remembering those yawns in the classroom (no offences!), and most importantly, feeling the warmth of the bond that the four walls provided. Life has proven that, and so has Avila, that the warmth of school can never be replaced by ANYONE, ANYWHERE….ANYTIME…

Avila has never focussed only on academic excellence of any student but always supported and believed in the idea of a holistic development of every student, right from the very first day. This ideology has stood the test and tyranny of time for 50 long years and I’m sure that this journey would be eternal until time exists. I was no exception to this. Standing true to its word, Avila has helped me sail through those 14 years, honing every skill of mine, be it academics, speaking, writing, music or drama. Name it and you shall have it!! (Ignore the subtle humour!). The self-confidence and courage that is built in a student is what separates an Avilite from any other.

Any building relies on a very strong foundation. I can vouch on the fact that the foundation for your life is laid only by school. In no other educational institution does anyone spend so many years, so if anything strong and solid has to happen it’s only at school. Be it your spoken skills, respect, manners or discipline, it comes only from that place that set up your very first tryst with education- YOUR SCHOOL.

Gratitude is too small a word to showcase my love and respect for my alma mater. AVILA has made me the person whom my parents always wanted me to be. Being the Golden Jubilee batch was a feather on the hat! Though I expressed this on my farewell day (restricting my tears), I never found so much love and warmth anywhere else. So here I say again, this time, I allow those memory and gratitude filled tears to roll down my cheeks, THANK YOU AVILA!! Once an Avilite, always an Avilite!!


Shole Madhusudhanan

Founder , IGNITE School of Passion Bangalore - 1993

"As a Proud Teacher & Founder of IGNITE School of Passion, an art school for all age groups, I owe everything to my school, Avila Matriculation Hr. Sec School. I passed out in 1993 from this prestigious institution and since then evolved as a complete woman. School days are always etched in my memory and I remember every moment that helped me shape as a better person.

I am wondering what is so special about my school. Is it the atmosphere which is conducive for great learning, the strict but loving teachers, the facilities provided, the large play ground where I spent most of my time or the punishments for being a naughty student, to name a few.. For me, School is the second mother, delivering a responsible Girl to the society, who imbibes the learnings and beautifully shapes as a successful woman. My sincere gratitude to all my gurus who inspired and instilled a lot of confidence in me, especially Sr. Osia, without whom, I could not have become, what I am today.

Today, I run an art school with over 300+ students and have trained over 15000 students in the last 8 years. People from different age groups (5yrs-75yrs), different cultures, challenging Psychological conditions such as Autism, depression, Stress etc., walk-in to my school and get inspired by our teaching methodologies and are experiencing significant changes in their lives. I dedicate this success to my school and once again thank all those who were responsible for changing my life."

Shole Madhusudhanan
Always Proud Student of Avila Matriculation Hr. Sec School

Susheela Mary

Teacher - 1987

The whole experience of teaching in Avila was enjoyable.

The unfettered freedom given to teachers helped me to experiment innovating teaching methodologies, which finally achieveed the desired effects int he form of academic achievements of students.

The cordial relationship between the teachers and student made my noble task easier in widening the arena of true education. It helped me to guide them when they wavered, and to instill confidence in them to score high grades.

The spcious laboratories, library and orientation programmes, transformed me to a student and helped me to update my professional skills.

Focussed on the moral foundation of Avila namely Love, Truth and Service, I found my life at Avila fantastic and fabulous.

Mrs Geetha Raghavan

Teacher - 1978 - 2009

" I have pleasant memories of my career in Avila. The school was successful in creating an environment of discipline while providing students encouragement and opportunities to excel in Studies and cultural activities. During my long tenure I have been fortunate to teach many students, in some cases multiple generations and interact with several staff members. Being with Avila was like being a part of one big family. Even after retirement , It brings great joy when I get to meet old students & colleagues. Their acknowledgement and affection fills me with gratitude and brings back pleasant memories of my days in Avila. "

- Mrs. Geetha Raghavan, P.G Zoology Teacher joined Avila in 1978 and retired in 2009.

Miss. Nagalakshmi. R

Teacher - 1977 to 2012

The selfless services rendered by C.M.C. Srs. are always exemplary, unparallel and unsurpassable. The fragrance of Avila has spread far and wide and its manifestation is noticeable in the scintillating performances of the students in all fields all over the world. The value based education, students receive in school, throb and pulsate in their hearts that they consider the school, their second home. It is an honour to both the teachers and students to be a part of the school. The guidance of the management, the dedication and commitment of the teaching faculty, the support of the parents and the co-operation of the students make Avila retain her uniqueness. Students have been getting an all round development here and this is the main cause for the great demand for admission.

It was a pleasure for me to be a staff member in Avila for 36 years (ie) from 1977 to 2012. Those golden days are still indelible. The memories of Avila make us all young, fresh and healthy in mind and body.

May God the Almighty continue to shower His blessings on Avila.

Miss. Nagalakshmi. R
Avila Ex Staff.

Mrs. LathaMaheswari G

Teacher - 1990

AVILA - The five letter mantra

My relationship with Avila as a teacher started in 1990, but as a parent it started much earlier in 1985. I knew about “AVILA CONVENT SCHOOL”, when I joined college, as few of my collegemates were Avila students. I have always wondered at their language skills, fun loving yet disciplined, friendly yet bold nature. But back then I did not even dream about being a part of Avila and that the major portion of my active life will be associated with AVILA.

The very first time when I walked in for an interview for the teaching position, I was received with a loud recognition “Nammada parent” from the panel members of the selection committee. I was known as mother of my daughter an, AVILITE. Right from the day of my appointment I was not only a mother of my own children, but I was taught to consider every student of mine as my own child. This emotional connect is till date, which I still experience in my bright and dark days. I came out with the thought “Nammada AVILA”.

On the third day after I joined Avila as the Commerce teacher, the then Principal Rev.Sr.Osia called me personally and said “see Latha,, students are understanding theory very well and have difficulty in working out problems”. I replied to her, “Sr.pleasegive me few days to prove myself”. The same Principal appreciated me, after the 12th Public Exam results, with the words,” Remarkable performance Latha”. That was indeed a motivation for me to work better throughout my teaching career. I bagged the “Best Teacher Award” for that year from Association of Principals of Matriculation Schools in Coimbatore Education District. Since then I have not looked back and always wanted to work for better performance of my students and for myself.

Anyone who reads this may feel. Why it is more personal than about AVILA. I would like to say that “AVILA” has played a major role in mentoring me. I am what I am today, because of Avila. AVILA opened the doors of opportunity, experience and nurtured me with responsibilities. Because of these I have developed qualities to lead, face and handle situations, with confidence. Avila has been doing it for many, who really make of the opportunities. But I got the chance to tell it louder and believe that whoever has experienced the same will endorse my words.

When I utter “AVILA”, it includes all the great personalities who were/are behind the success of this prestigious institution. But for them this success would not have been possible. My Mother Superiors, Principals have given me chances to showcase my talents by giving space for growing. Thank you, my dear Mother Superiors, Principals and dear colleagues.

The five-letter mantra “AVILA” boosts the energy level and brings in positive vibes to everyone associated with it. It is more of a personal connect than professional connect. Though I am physically out of Avila, AVILA is still with me.

Best Regards
LathaMaheswari G