State Level Open Yoga Festival – 2023

State Level Open Yoga Festival – 2023 Calmness & composure has nothing to do with the age. Its a matter of self control & discipline of mind.These traits are adapted so effortlessly by our child prodigy S.Thishaa ( I D ) that she has won I Place ( and every one’s heart as well ) […]

Table Tennis Tournament :

Table Tennis Tournament : Co-ordination & synchronization has resulted in Winning II Position for S. Shravenya ( 7 C ) and S.D. Nehitha ( 6 D ) in Table Tennis – Doubles Tournament conducted by School Education Department from Wednesday , 15.2.2023 to Monday , 20. 2 2023.Hearty congratulations Winners. Your joint venture has brought […]

In- house Competitions : 2022-2023

Junior Badminton Tournament Winners of various competitions conducted by the School Clubs ,all the outgoing RSP ,Guides , Band students , Cent percentage attendance holdersand Parliamentarians were honoured & acknowledged by our driving force Principal Rev.Sr. Siji during February 2023. Congratulations and a strong pat on the back of these trend setters !! May you […]

World Record

World Record Mahima J.V. ( 6 B ) loves to accomplish task at hand and how ? straight away by creating World Record in KARATE ( performance of various Traditional Art ) on International Day of Education declared by United Nations on Monday , 23 .1.2023 .Take a bow record holder ! May the record […]

Junior Badminton Tournament

Junior Badminton Tournament One could see enormous determination in displaying stellar performance of Shri Hanshika S.M .( 7 E ) and for being declared as Winner in U – 15 , Girls Singlesevent held on Sunday , 12.2.2023.Wishing this seasoned Winner similar moments with handful of Trophies & medals in future. Fine Arts

14th Shobukai National Karate Championship – 2023

14th Shobukai National Karate Championship – 2023 Mahima J. V. ( 6 B ) has built a fair amount of resolution to win competition & opportunity and has bagged II Place in the 14th Shobukai National Karate Championship -2023 held on Sunday , 5.2.2023.Kudos to the winner and wishing her the very best for future […]

Fifth Inter District Yogasana Championship- 2022

Fifth Inter District Yogasana Championship- 2022 Who says that children are restless by nature! Well they are determine & focused as well.This Team has proved that Teamwork works and these certificates are the testimonials of their confidence & strength.Hearty Congratulations to these Avilites on winning I Place at the Fifth Inter District Yogasana Championship – […]

Golden Moment

Golden Moment The brilliant synchronization of body , mind and soul of this tiny pedigree has contributed hugely in the Noble World Record in Attempting Vatayanasana for 5 minutes continuously .Many Congratulations to S.Thishaa ( 1 D ) for being so composed and harvesting Gold Medal & a Shield in the 6th Year Annual Celebration- […]

Tennis Tournament :

Tennis Tournament : Akriti H ( L K G – B ) believes in taking one step at a time in reaching the target. She has succeeded in securing Semi Finalist Position in the Tennis Tournament held on 13.9.2022.Hearty Congratulations for the same andwishing this Lil ‘ Champ the very best in achieving the primary […]

44th Mini Chess Olympiya :

44th Mini Chess Olympiya : Many Congratulations to Chaitanya V.S ( 9 A ) in securing II Position in the mind game – the 44th Mini Chess Olympiya held on 30.7.2022.Wishing her the very best in reaching the pinnacle of her forte in future. Fine Arts