UGADI Greetings

UGADI Greetings UGADI Greetings from The Management , Staff and Non Teaching Staff Members. Wednesday , 22.3.2023. Fine Arts

Feast Of The Principal ( Staff Members )

Feast Of The Principal ( Staff Members ) WHEN THE RIGHTEOUS ARE IN AUTHORITY, THE PEOPLE REJOICE Proverbs 29:2. We the Staff of Avila rejoiced with humble felicitation, loving wishes with Prayerful Regards celebrating our beloved Principal Rev. Sr. Siji’s  Feast on Saturday the 18th of March 2023 in the School Auditorium. Fine Arts

Feast Day of the Principal Rev.Sr.Siji :

Feast Day of the Principal Rev.Sr.Siji : “ You will be a Crown of Glory in the hand of the Lord. A royal diadem in the palm of your God. “ – Isaiah 62: 3She’s always been an Inspiring Leader showing the Way. Her multiple personalities have always been an energetic spark that she strew […]

Avila Family ‘s Recreation Day

Avila Family ‘s Recreation Day Age or profession is no bar when it comes to rejuvenate & recharge mind and body .See the presence of a child in every Teacher’s heart ! !Avila Family / Workforce taking a well deserved break for a day at Vayas Ayurvedic Resort , Attapaadi, Kerala on Saturday , 25.2.2023. […]

Std. XII Farewell : Saturday , 18.2.2023

Std. XII Farewell : Saturday , 18.2.2023 We wish all the very best to our dear Std. XII Students who bid adieu to their School Days and are going to embrace new equally exciting & challenging future ahead.May you flag the School Motto – Love , Truth and Service higher & higher. Fine Arts

Christmas Celebration : 2022

Christmas Celebration : 2022 We believe in giving hope a chance . Hence the Festival of Christmas – the festival of joy , sharing & caring & carols etc…. was celebrated in the School Auditorium on Friday , 9.12.2022.Rev.Fr.Paul Raj , the Vicar Priest of John de Britto Church Coimbatore briefed on the importance & […]

Kids Day Celebration

Kids Day Celebration Friday , 18.11.2022. School Auditorium.We call this an array of spectacular show of talents so tangible in every participant . We acknowledge this with great pride that yes , every child is an artist.Their enthusiasm is so intense & splendid you see them in their little toes & hands , waving and […]

Children’s Day Celebration : 2022

Children’s Day celebration : 2022 The best way to celebrate & gift children their dues is to guide & motivate them in exploring their dreams & talents . With this their life is made. Society and the Nation too is made. Resource person Advocate S. Prasanna [ B A .B L. Madras High Court Advocate […]

November 14th 2022. Happy Children’s day

November 14th 2022. Happy Children’s day Our Children are the ever blooming roses of our Avila orchard flowering with lush and in the best of their excellence. HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY. 14.11.2022 Fine Arts

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali Celebrations : Friday , 21.10.2022 Fire crackers , exciting splutter of flower pots, chiming cords filled the mind & hearts with smiles & happiness.Avilites showcased their splendid talents with beautiful Rangoli as apart of competition conducted by the Celebration Club and also welcoming the Grand Diwali articulating songs & wishes garnished with special greetings […]