Feast Day of the Principal Rev.Sr.Siji :

“ You will be a Crown of Glory in the hand of the Lord. A royal diadem in the palm of your God. “ – Isaiah 62: 3
She’s always been an Inspiring Leader showing the Way. Her multiple personalities have always been an energetic spark that she strew everywhere she walked in the form of encouraging words and motivating actions.
SHE is our Beloved Principal Rev. Sr. Siji, the star chosen to shine the virtues of St. Joseph. Celebrating her patron’s day on Tuesday , 28.2.2023 in advance , which is observed on 19th March every year to share the Spiritual Joy among the students to carry the light in her to radiate the World through our diligent Avilites.
Our dearest Principal Rev. Sr. Siji ‘s Feast was celebrated in the School Auditorium .