Karthiga Ragupathy

Tata Consultancy Services

Batch 1985 - 1999

"Love, Truth, Service" - These are the words that every Avilite would grow up with and so did I.

My 14-year- long schooling at Avila Convent has been the most enjoyable time so far. My school opened up great many avenues for me to explore and I believe I did explore a few of them.

Never did I hesitate to take part in any event; be it extra-curricular or co-curricular (of course, sports have never been my forte). There was no worry of missing classes or falling behind the rest of the class.

The teachers who tutored me and even those who did not, were very encouraging and have played a role in the forming years of my life. When I think of Avila, the first thing that comes to my mind is the welcoming portico with the statue of St. Teresa, our patron. When someone praises my good manners, I thankfully remember the lectures of my Tamil teacher Late. Mrs. Rajalakshmi.

The mental strength, conviction and humility that I exhibit are collective of what I imbibed from many of my teachers. This keeps me going and helps me get back into action even after I have had a fall.

My school taught me how to pray, be thankful for what I have and to never lose faith.I am grateful to my teachers and school for my decent vernacular and communication skills. I would be lost without these in the IT industry that I am part of . My Principals Sr Osia and Sr.Partick, noticed my talents and gave me every opportunity to excel. I am grateful to their prayers and of Sr. Naveena, Sr. Atma, Sr. Mariella, Sr. Soona.