Divya Loganathan

Director Operator Relations, CLX Networks, Sweden.

Batch 1985 - 1999

Avila has been my home away from home for the 14 years I studied there as well as the many years I have been away. As I reminiscence my childhood,  I am very thankful to my parents for making the decision to send me to this great school and to all my teachers over the years for giving me a valuable foundation in life. Avila has taught me to approach every situation in life with kindness, strength and integrity. I have built strong friendships and carry a lot of wonderful memories from my 14 years in Avila.

I am especially thankful to Ms.Philomena Manohar during my days as a Girl Guide for teaching me the importance of time management, organisational skills and the thrill of seeking adventures.

Everywhere I go, every adventure I seek, I hold Avila in my thoughts and I am very grateful for the years I spent in this lovely institution.