Uniqueness Of Avila


The little that makes the big difference and enables Avilites to carve a niche for themselves is its motto; LOVE, TRUTH, and SERVICE. It is these three words that define every aspect of the school. Every single action in the school imbibes the spirit inspired by these three words. It is this unique combination that helps to create a brand called AVILITE- a special kind of global citizen who shines in all platforms and all walks of life.


To strive for excellence in developing physical, mental, social, spiritual, and cultural faculties of the female children of India, particularly weaker sections enabling them to fight the challenges of life boldly.


To sensitize the female students in physical, aesthetic, spiritual and moral levels.

Academic Excellence

In imparting knowledge, Avila pursues excellence which connotes the quality of being very good, distinguished and outstanding. The Board Exam Results year after year demonstrate the ability of the students to perform, achieve and excel in scholastic activities which culminates in the maximum development of the students’ intellectual capacities and skills in service to humanity.


To train Avilites to be dedicated, patriotic and resourceful citizens of India.


A Power house of knowledge and strore house of practical wisdom, Avila faculty members never restrict themselves to the accepted norms and definitions of a teacher. The teacher here goes about planting valuable seeds of character, conduct, commitment, charity, compassion, culture and much more into the human frame of her students and destroys the weeds therein with precision and then builds there on an edifice of lasting values and perfection.

On the wings of freedom Avilites soar high and scale heights undreamt of because they have a pair of strong wings - freedom and fearlessness. Using this they explore various creative avenues.


Avila is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution ensuring and enjoying zero-error Quality Management System.